Animagic icon

Worked on the modeling, texturing and rendering of this magical icon for one of Elixir’s latest products — Animagic.


StackManiac Logo

I was approached by Stack Maniac to design a new logo for their upcoming site redesign. I wanted to create something sleek, and simple, with a vibrant color scheme.



This project consisted of creating a 3D model for an illustration for CartLoom, a long time client, along with texturing and lighting the model. The illustration is used prominently on their site.


Elixir video intro

Created an introduction bumper using Cinema4D for tutorial and walk-thru videos for Elixir Graphics. Click the visit link below to watch it.


FormLoom 2

I created several different icon designs along the way for FormLoom when they launched their highly anticipated v2. This one was the final result that the client and I settled on to best represent the brand and functionality of the plugin.


Elixir website

Designed and developed the website for Elixir Graphics, which specializes in website templates, stock images and icons. Created all of the imagery for the site as well as developed it using Statamic as the site’s backend.


Stacks plugins

When Stacks needed a redesign on their plugins icon I built upon the owner’s love of Lego bricks and designed this icon. We created everything from a 16 x 16 px version all the way up to a 512 x 512 version.


Clipper, a coupon-based app, asked me to create both category icons as well as a main app icon for their app just before launch. These are a couple of the category icons I put together, as well as the main app icon under their direction.


Tweetlogix, a great Twitter client for the iPhone, approached me to do an icon for their app. They wanted something more 3-dimensional than what they’d previously had. Our collaboration, and back-and-forth brainstorming, produced this icon.


ComicZeal is one of the top comic book readers for the iPhone and iPad. It allows you to import all of your own digital comic books for reading on the go. When they came to me for help on their design, I developed the idea of a comic longbox into a 3D icon for their app.


YourHead Software approached me to create an icon for Collage for RapidWeaver during their development of v2 of the plugin. They had a specific idea in mind from the get-go that I built around.


About me

I am a self-taught designer with over 15 years of professional experience. I’ve worked on everything from web design to icons and illustration. Once upon a time I was also an illustrator and page designer for the sports section of a daily metro newspaper.

My beautiful wife, Liz, and I live in Florida with our 3 cats.

I love coffee and comic books, like any self-respecting geek.

I also run Elixir Graphics, where I produce website templates, stock art, icons and more.

Some of the tools I use day-to-day are: Photoshop, Cinema4D, Statamic, Sublime Text and Transmit.

Need a website designed and developed? Maybe some icons or 3D illustrations are what you’re after? Shoot me a message below.

Let’s talk

If you’re looking for someone to help with your web design or development, or need 3D illustrations or icons, or just want to shoot the breeze, send me an email through the form below.